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Educator Resources

Nanoscale Activities

Nanoscale activities are good introductions to nanotechnology. They focus on helping students understand just how small the nanoscale is and introduce students to related topics like atoms and scientific notation.

Applications Activities

Applications activities focus on existing uses of nanotechnology. These activities have special supply requirements, but they provide students a hands-on introduction to how nanotechnology might be used in their daily lives.

Societal Implications Activities

Societal implications activities are minds-on, requiring students to think, speculate, and roleplay how different nanotechnologies might affect different aspects of our society, from health and safety to the government.

Quick Reference Activity Guides

Show students brief demonstrations existing applications of nanotechnology and explain how they work and where they're commonly used. These demonstrations are simple and can be done from any table top or lab bench.

Single page activity guides with references and links to additional information are provided.

Links and Other Resources

Visit nanotechnology resources from all around the web, including industry sites and other university nanotechnology programs. We've also provided more information about our own teacher training workshops.

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