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Stain-Resistant Fabric

Finally - it's lunchtime- a break from classes, you sit down in the cafeteria with a sandwich and grape juice. As you bring the drink to your mouth, a friend passes by and gives you a hearty pat on the back and. . .oh no! Grape juice on your white shirt, if only you could go home and change! With nanotechnology incorporated into your clothes, you may not have to.

Nano-tex is a new kind of fabric that has amazing water and stain repellant properties. Liquids bead up on its surface and roll right off. We do not have much information about how this nanotechnology works because it is a trade secret. Companies want to get the most money out of their invention so the do not give away the details to would-be competitors. The Nano-tex website tells us the following:

Liquids beading up on Nano-Tex fabric

Nano-tex fabric resists oil, water, mustard, and grape juice.

Although we don't know exactly how the fabric works, the beading up of liquid on the fabric is similar to the lotus effect.

Liquid beading up on fabric

Water beading up on a lotus leaf

Would you buy a shirt with nanotechnology in it? In one of his TV episodes, Jimmy Neutron designed self-folding pants with nanotechnology. What kind of nanotechnology would you like to invent for your clothes?

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